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Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected



Surprise Grandma – Happy Birthday!!!



My mom is probably going to disown me for making her the subject of my post…but when her granddaughter drove 400 miles to arrive on her doorstep for her birthday as a surprise…that was the ultimate of unexpected!! This photo says it all in my book! Happy Birthday Mom!!

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My love affair with Suzy

Good ole’ Suzy Q.        Thank you to for the photo

As I think back on one guilty pleasure that gets my salivary glands leaking, it would have to be my love affair with Suzy. That would be SuzyQ of the Hostess family of products.

Oh, the crackle of the plastic as I carefully separated the ends of the wrapping, attempting not to smear any of the succulent white filling along the sides. Delicately retrieving the first rectangular chocolate cake with sinfully sweet white icing in the middle,

I ran my tongue around the edges of the middle, collecting up any stray bits of frosting that could end up on my cheek unbeknownst to me. The first bite from the corner, teeth easily sinking through the top layer of light, airy chocolate cake, followed by frosting, then more cake. My tastebuds danced with expectation, my stomach rejoiced in the dance about to occur. The crinkle of the plastic wrapping as I quickly squished it up to be thrown away…to hide the evidence.

Oh Suzy Q….I loved you so


Believe it or not, that’s a snippet from my book, from the chapter about living in denial. Denial of my diseases and pain…and how I buried my head. One of those ways was food. So many of us use food for everything except nourishment.

Thankfully my desire for Suzy is long gone…but what a run we had.