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I Am Breathing…thanks for the reminder

As usual, what I lovingly refer to as my “Spiritual ADD” was in full effect this morning as I picked up another book to look through, looking for inspiration as I write my own book. (I have at least six books in front of me at the moment).  Picking up one of my go-to books when I’m lost, Mindfulness for Beginners by Jon Kabat-Zinn, I got to page 13 and just started giggling away.

The title of this chapter, “Who is Breathing” starts with…

Of course you are breathing.
But let’s face it. If it were really up to you to keep the breath going, you would have died long ago. You would have gotten distracted by this or that, sooner or later…and whoops, dead.

I love it….”whoops, dead.”  It was a great conk on the head this morning that my focus has been off lately. I’ve allowed too many distractions to affect me, finding one excuse after another. I’ve even forgotten to breathe intentionally. Just stop and breathe.

A focus in my life is helping others to feel better; be it spiritually, emotionally and/or physically. I teach that it all starts with the breath. It seems the teacher needed some refresher instruction. The answer arrived perfectly.

I love how divinely answers arrive, just when we need them. The key is being open to seeing and hearing them when they do arrive. So thank you Master Kabat-Zinn, your message got through to me today, and I Am Breathing.

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When eating healthy becomes painful

Like most others, I’d overeaten a bit this holiday season. No shortage of cookies and candy to be found, and not being one to say “no” to sugar, I finally felt I hit my brick wall around Christmas Eve.

The Christmas day entree for everyone else was prime rib, for me (the vegetarian in the group) Quinoa. I warmed up vegetable stock with half an onion and a few cloves of garlic and a nice bunch of fresh parsley. The quinoa along with mashed potatoes, baked butternut squash and cauliflower made a great meal. Pumpkin pie made a great dessert. YUM. Continue reading “When eating healthy becomes painful”