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Writing and Living with Pain while being Superwoman

Sitting down to write about how to get through pain while you are in pain is an interesting conundrum, especially when the time spent sitting is counterproductive to your well-being. What are my choices?

1) Stop writing….fat chance of that happening!

2) Write while standing up….I suppose, although that would involve a new location to write, and I’ve already determined my writing habits go to hell when I’m not in my “writing room”

3) Stretch and move frequently…yes, I do that which then de-volves to the five loads of laundry and two loads of dishes I’ve done today so far. 

4) Take drugs…been there, done that….not doing that anymore unless I’m dying.

5) Lay down on the bed for a few minutes…won’t happen alone because the cats will come out of their comas sensing my body available to them to climb all over…kind of how they know there is a basket of clean laundry unsupervised.

For some reason, I can’t seem to just get up and stretch/move for five minutes “just because.” Perhaps it is the Capricorn anal-retentive part of me that is always trying to keep up with eight zillion tasks. Being super-woman; super-writer; super-photographer; super-blogger; super-kitteh-momma; and super-wife, all are on my mind.  Hmmmm….what am I doing wrong she asks herself? 

Perhaps part of the challenge is writing with a helper on my lap? Thelma is my writing assistant, always here…


The kitties provide me with a ton of comfort, physically and emotionally. They don’t give me the answers I’m looking for….

What can I say to help someone who feels like I do?

What can I do to help someone in pain?

How can I demonstrate my ability to use the powers of the universe to focus, when I’m zippidee-do-dahing all over myself?

Maybe the answer is to just keep going. Keep trying, keep looking for answers, and take off the superwoman cape. It really isn’t winning me any thing other than a little extra pain that I don’t need. So I’m hanging up my cape for the day, sitting quietly with my kitty and focusing on my writing. 

I’d love to know if you have any secrets that you’d like to share on how you get through and balance. Please reply below!!



Hello and thank you for visiting my blog! I am a mixed bag all jumbled up with glitter writing a book, playing on ham radio (I'm WY7YL), being a Parrothead, making jewelry, running, reading, or running around with my camera taking pics of nature and my cats. This blog is a smattering of all of it!

10 thoughts on “Writing and Living with Pain while being Superwoman

  1. Hi Katie,
    My husband also has AS and is starting to come to terms with the fact he is going to have to start giving up some of his more physical hobbies (woodworking, gardening, etc). It is so heartbreaking and so unfair to see him lose these passions, and as a writer I can’t imagine having to do the same. I hope you find a way to continue writing in as much comfort as possible.

    Dominique Rose

    P.S. Have you tried recording a dictation of your writing and then typing it up later. Maybe that could reduce the amount of time you have to spend sitting at a desk? I’m sure it would take a while to get used to, though!

    1. Hi Dominique
      Thanks so much for sharing, I’m sorry to hear your husband is starting to give up some of his physical hobbies, perhaps he can find some alternative ways to do some of these things? I also love gardening and that is one of the toughies to give up – I used to spend hours until I had to practically crawl back in the house (duh, maybe I should have stopped sooner). The Spondylitis Association of America has some awesome resources available, maybe there is someone else with the same hobbies that has come up with some slick trick!

      And thanks for the idea about dictation, I do use a voice recorder periodically but usually only for snippets of ideas. I’ll definitely give it a try!!

      Thanks again so much!!

  2. We’re in Australia so I haven’t checked out the American resources, but I’ll have a look into them now, thanks 🙂

    I’m hoping we can find him some less taxing hobbies to get equally exited about. Unfortunately he is developing tendonitis as well as a few other problems, so while he can bear the pain while he is doing things like gardening, it often leaves him with permanent injuries to his wrists, thumbs, etc.
    Anyway, it’s not all doom and gloom! Every misery is just another story to tell, another memory to draw on.

    Glad the recorder idea might be of some help 🙂 I look forward to reading more of your writing.

  3. Sorry, didn’t realize you were in Australia when I first responded! And yes, every misery is another story to tell…somehow I’m managing to create a book with mine! LOL

    So nice to make this connection, looking forward to your writing as well!

  4. Hello Katie…. Somehow I stumbled onto your wonderful and inspiring blog this morning… IAM so sorry for the pain you are having to bear… being a lightworker yourself you know that it’s all part of our journey and although others can be inspiring and help us, we have to find a way to heal ourself… I recently wrote about the stages of awakening to remind myself and others that we are on the right path and that everything will be ok… So please take a look and let me know what you think… also later today I’ll be putting out a challenge for others to write a short account of their own awakening… it’s all to help ourself first and then inspire others… Take care and IAM ‘thinking’ we can enjoy sharing each others journey into the unknown…. Barbara

    1. Hello Beautiful Barbara!
      What a gift that you found me! I just read your post and love that it says everything about the shift occurring in so many of us! I am so glad we have connected and I look forward to sharing more on this journey with you!!

      1. how wonderful we resonate… my friend and I were talking about pain this morning and we both received the insight that… pain is about our growth and change… it our partner in crime… helping us to connect with self and be the change… at the most appropriate time when we connect, accept and allow self to be… it will bow out of our life… but do we trust this… It has so much to do with trusting self implicitly… Thanks for coming to check me out… I know we are going to have a great time discovering new potential together… that is so so waiting for us to move forward with… Barbara

  5. As much as you can let go of multitasking, the writing will come easier and you’ll actually enjoy it! You might try writing by hand, as well. See if that’s less pain. And if you really don’t want to get up to stretch, maybe write about why not take care of yourself, what’s in the way?

    1. Thanks Lisa, I do let go of the multitasking much more than I used to – especially since your course! But some days I revert to the old me, thankfully I eventually remember where I am supposed to focus and get back at it. I have also done some writing by hand which helps, thank you for that suggestion as well!!

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