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When eating healthy becomes painful

Like most others, I’d overeaten a bit this holiday season. No shortage of cookies and candy to be found, and not being one to say “no” to sugar, I finally felt I hit my brick wall around Christmas Eve.

The Christmas day entree for everyone else was prime rib, for me (the vegetarian in the group) Quinoa. I warmed up vegetable stock with half an onion and a few cloves of garlic and a nice bunch of fresh parsley. The quinoa along with mashed potatoes, baked butternut squash and cauliflower made a great meal. Pumpkin pie made a great dessert. YUM.

Feeling a bit bloated and uncomfortable the day after Christmas, I decided I wasn’t going to eat much that day. Apparently I forgot that idea by dinnertime when I embarked on another foodfest filling my plate with quinoa, squash, cauliflower and pumpkin pie leftovers. It took only a few hours for the pain and bloating to kick in earnestly. 

I knew the tell-tale pain that was beginning…all that yummy food was stuck. The joys of Crohn’s Disease and having most of my intestines removed surgically at one point or another, I knew this was a small bowel obstruction in the making. Drink water – drink lots of water I told myself. The pain wasn’t too bad so I thought it was just minor, would pass fairly quickly with a few extra glasses of water. 

By midnight I was silently writhing in pain in bed, trying not to wake my husband up. Practicing deep breathing and self Reiki, I focused on soothing, healing thoughts while waiting for a flexeril to kick in. My cats snuggled closer, knowing mommy was hurting.

A few hours later, relief came as my dinner finally moved through and out. I’ll leave out the gory details, but needless to say I felt a bit better. I went in to work late morning after sleeping a couple extra hours.  I lasted about two hours before heading back home for my pj’s and couch. My belly was still bloated and my jeans were digging in me. My abdomen hurt as I walked down the hallways, and I all I could think about was taking a nap. I took the rest of the day for sick time and headed home.

Still feeling the effects of the blockage, particularly sharp, stabbing pain when swallowing anything not water, I’m once again missing out on social activities because of this disease and its side effects. The thing that I’m really kicking myself in the butt about is that I should have known better than to eat all those foods….actually, to eat them all in the same meal. Independently, they each do just fine while traveling their path through my guts. The combination however, not so fine.

Here I sit at home today still in pain, periodically nibbling on bites of jello, hoping that by tomorrow I can upgrade to pudding, followed by soft food. I wonder – shouldn’t I know better after living with my body after all these years? Of course I should.

I enjoy healthy foods, I just wish my guts enjoyed them too. The life of a Crohnie….


Hello and thank you for visiting my blog! I am a mixed bag all jumbled up with glitter writing a book, playing on ham radio (I'm WY7YL), being a Parrothead, making jewelry, running, reading, or running around with my camera taking pics of nature and my cats. This blog is a smattering of all of it!

2 thoughts on “When eating healthy becomes painful

    1. Hi Luanne,
      Yes I sure do read her blog, thanks for the suggestion! I am luckier than many I believe as my disease is pretty quiet. It sometimes sends me reminders like this week though…not so subtle reminders!! It is encouraging to see people writing and sharing about this disease, something that wasn’t around when I was first diagnosed.

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