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Weekly Photo Challenge: One

 Eagle on fence
 Here in my corner of the world, we have a pair of eagles that live nearby from November until February-March. Driving home today from shopping, I spotted the pair in the neighborhood where a rabbit didn’t make it across the road yesterday. Knowing they wouldn’t venture too far from a meal, we zipped home and unloaded groceries and I ran back down the road with my camera. It’s not too easy to get shots of them because they tend to fly away when you get too close, but I captured this shot of one on a fence post which I thought would be ideal for this week’s photo challenge.
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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Happy

Blanca & Smokie

I’m bringing Blanca back for this week’s fun foto challenge – this time with her daughter Smokie. A warm winter day in the sun, happy contented kittehs….that sure makes me happy!! And they look happy too!!

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Writing and Living with Pain while being Superwoman

Sitting down to write about how to get through pain while you are in pain is an interesting conundrum, especially when the time spent sitting is counterproductive to your well-being. What are my choices?

1) Stop writing….fat chance of that happening!

2) Write while standing up….I suppose, although that would involve a new location to write, and I’ve already determined my writing habits go to hell when I’m not in my “writing room”

3) Stretch and move frequently…yes, I do that which then de-volves to the five loads of laundry and two loads of dishes I’ve done today so far. 

4) Take drugs…been there, done that….not doing that anymore unless I’m dying.

5) Lay down on the bed for a few minutes…won’t happen alone because the cats will come out of their comas sensing my body available to them to climb all over…kind of how they know there is a basket of clean laundry unsupervised.

For some reason, I can’t seem to just get up and stretch/move for five minutes “just because.” Perhaps it is the Capricorn anal-retentive part of me that is always trying to keep up with eight zillion tasks. Being super-woman; super-writer; super-photographer; super-blogger; super-kitteh-momma; and super-wife, all are on my mind.  Hmmmm….what am I doing wrong she asks herself? 

Perhaps part of the challenge is writing with a helper on my lap? Thelma is my writing assistant, always here…


The kitties provide me with a ton of comfort, physically and emotionally. They don’t give me the answers I’m looking for….

What can I say to help someone who feels like I do?

What can I do to help someone in pain?

How can I demonstrate my ability to use the powers of the universe to focus, when I’m zippidee-do-dahing all over myself?

Maybe the answer is to just keep going. Keep trying, keep looking for answers, and take off the superwoman cape. It really isn’t winning me any thing other than a little extra pain that I don’t need. So I’m hanging up my cape for the day, sitting quietly with my kitty and focusing on my writing. 

I’d love to know if you have any secrets that you’d like to share on how you get through and balance. Please reply below!!