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Zero to Hero….Welcome to Katie’s Crazy Life!

Today is Day 1 of the Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog Challenge! I’m making a cannonball in to the blogging pool with the hopes of making a splash as big as my husband made in the pool in Las Vegas recently at the Jimmy Buffett pre-concert pool party at the Flamingo. Let’s just say it was a big enough splash that the life guard, (who looked to be about 12 and really didn’t understand all of us crazy Parrotheads) visited our area and asked my husband kindly if he would refrain from further cannonballs.

The purpose of today’s blog is to introduce myself and describe why i’m here. I’m assuming we aren’t expected to provide the answer on an existential basis…just why we are here blogging versus writing in our journal – not keeping our thoughts/ideas to ourselves and instead sharing our crazy with everyone who might accidentally (or coerced because they are a relative or friend) visit our blog and see what we are up to.

Here goes a short tale of my adventure here. I turned 44 on New Year’s Eve, which has been of interest to me for many months. The concept of 44…the number 44….4+4=8. Eight has always been my favorite number, although until recently I didn’t really understand why. A friend reminded me that eight turned sideways is the symbol for infinity. Ah yes, that makes sense in my constant quest to learn more about the universe and how I fit in to the “big picture.” 

I started blogging earlier this year, mostly to get comfortable with sharing my story. My friend and soul sister Amiee and I watched a live stream of Hay House‘s “I Can Do It – Pasadena” in the fall of 2012. As we watched author after author get on stage, engage with the audience, share their story of healing and how they were helping others, Amiee turned to me and said “Katie – that should be YOU on the stage. You have an important story to share, you can help people. You need to write a book and become a speaker!!!”

Now mind you, when our friends say things like this to us, we usually call bullshit and life goes on. For me, what she said deeeeeeeeeeep down inside me completely resonated (damnit) and the idea to write a book was truly born. I discovered that I knew absolutely NOTHING about writing a book! It’s not just sitting down and typing out your life. I know – what a surprise!! This year I worked with book writing coach Lisa Tener, and I learned an amazing amount about writing a book. But one of the first things I really needed to do was get comfortable with sharing details about my life that normally were reserved for family, and close friends. And how to write these things out in a way that people want to read – hopefully!

If you are still reading…thanks! I really appreciate that you are still here. I know our attention spans these days are relatively short so it is important to keep the reader reading. I can’t tell you how many things I never finish reading. Anyhoo…here’s the down and dirty of who I think I am now, not anyone I’ve been in the past. This is likely to change several more times in my life, but for now – this is me:

 I love my life, in spite of various health challenges I faced in the past and face periodically now. Living in Wyoming for the past five years, I can’t imagine living anywhere else – even after living the first 39 years of my life in Connecticut. I love to help people feel better physically, emotionally, and spiritually and believe that is my purpose here now. I love photography – it’s a fairly new hobby of mine which I’ve been sharing here on WordPress with some really nice feedback and I’ve made new friends because of it. I love capturing the beauty of nature – don’t ask me to take pictures of people because I suck at that. Humor is a BIG part of my life, it has gotten me through some really shitty stuff in my life and is a great ice breaker too. After all, when you live with a pooping disease – you either laugh about it or you hide from the world. I choose the Fart Jokes.

My other hobby, which is another passion and how I met my husband is ham radio. Yes, ham radio is still alive and well – you wouldn’t believe what people are doing with it these days! I’m a volunteer for the ARRL – the national association for Amateur Radio where I serve as an Assistant Section Manager for Wyoming (I’m appointed by the Section Manager who is elected by the membership) and as a member of the Public Relations Committee (appointed by the President). My husband serves on the Board of Directors. We’re hard core hams – we spend nights and weekends on the radio talking to people around the world using our voice, morse code, and a digital mode called RTTY (we even had a cat named RTTY-Kitty). So if you are visiting my blog and see some of my Tweets on the side of the blog with weird acronyms or callsigns (mine is WY7KRA) – those are my ham radio related tweets. You’ll especially see #ARRL2014 a lot as it is the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the Organization. You can even see references to ham radio if you watch the television show “Last Man Standing” with Tim Allen. His character is a ham radio operator and you can even see my QSL card on the set of the show! Next time he is sitting in his office near the ham radio station, look on the right side of all the post cards and look for Devils Tower – that’s my card!

In the past few years, I’ve turned in to a Parrothead. I’m a HUGE Jimmy Buffett fan. I love the island – party music. It’s laid back and fun – not taking life too seriously. Yeah – I get that. I try to bring that attitude in to my life and to my writing.

Finally, I’m the crazy cat lady. My husband and I have 11 cats. You’ll see some of them periodically in my photography blog posts. At one time there were over 20 cats in our family and I loved it. They used to go for walks with me. I proved that you can indeed herd cats!

In addition to my goofy side, I’m also quiet and contemplative. I’m a student of Buddhism.  I am facilitating a Conversations with God discussion group. I meditate daily. I read at least six books at a time and the library has always been my favorite public building.

With my blog here in 2014, I hope to grow as a writer learning more from the folks that run WordPress as well as fellow bloggers. I hope to connect with more people with similar interests – after all, don’t we all want to build a community? I even hope to meet up with people that I have nothing in common with other than one thing…in the hopes of learning more about them and myself.

For now, that is your not-so-brief introduction to this Wyoming girl. For lots of other introductions, take some time and go read what other bloggers are doing here:

So….did you make it to the end??? Still here?? Decided to follow my blog?? Leaving me a comment or your thoughts??? If so – WOW and THANK YOU!!!!


Hello and thank you for visiting my blog! I am a mixed bag all jumbled up with glitter writing a book, playing on ham radio (I'm WY7YL), being a Parrothead, making jewelry, running, reading, or running around with my camera taking pics of nature and my cats. This blog is a smattering of all of it!

17 thoughts on “Zero to Hero….Welcome to Katie’s Crazy Life!

  1. Nice blog Katie! I always tell people that Ham Radio is like the “Three Blind Men and the Elephant” story, only you’d need a lot more blind men. Bottom line it is about people. It could be about other people too, but it is always about yourself. This year I am trying to achieve a QSO365 – I need to make at least one QSO every day. It will be a challenge, but I think I can do it. I’m looking forward to seeing your book, keep at it 🙂 73, Pete

    1. Thanks Pete!! If you can’t get one every day, you’ll just have to make two the next! My goal is two hours per week…although I’ll likely do more some weeks, less others.

      Thanks for reading and writing back, I really appreciate it!!!

  2. I read it all….Interesting. I really liked that your into the whole number thing…me, I am all about seven and forty-two….I wont get into why, I just am. We have a cat that takes walks with us, most people don’t believe that…oh, well. Ham radio is cool, never done it, always wanted to. Maybe that would be a good way to get me message out. Yes, I am (a lot of different things) a political activist. Except not in the way most people think. If your interested, check out my blog. If that peaks your interest, then tell the people around the world about it. Even though they call it the world wide web, our influences are really limited. Back when Tim Allen had the show home improvement, he used a box from a factory I built for a garage sale sign or something, was a long time ago….Thought that was interesting. So, if you want to read my first “long” blog, I would appreciate it. Always wanted to see Wyoming as well. Seen Connecticut it’s beautiful but to crowded, my girl is from New Hampshire….crazy for a Tennessee redneck huh? Anyway, I don’t know if your finished with your book or not, but you can do it. I just got mine published….it was a LOT OF WORK….and you really wouldn’t think it would be, but it is. Just keep on doing it….Have a GREAT year….LRGII

    1. Thanks so much for making it to the end and being in the Zero to Hero! I did just go read yours and wow, I’m really thrilled to connect with you. I agree so much with what you just said up here about the world wide web and our sphere of influence. That’s one great thing about ham radio, I’ve literally reached around the globe and talked with people – sometimes it is just a short contact to say hello and exchange basic information. I’ve connected with thousands of hams around the world on Facebook, and it is always a thrill to actually talk to them on the air too. For me, ham radio has made the world smaller – you should check it out, I bet it would be an interesting hobby for you!

      I’m still working on my rough first draft, but it is getting closer to the end every day. I expect to publish later this year. I am interested in your book, I’m going to scoot over to Amazon!

      Looking forward to reading more this month and beyond!

  3. Loved your intro and yes I’m following! We have a few things in common – Buddhism, cats (I only have 2 – I know, I’m not trying hard enough right?!) , and my daughter was diagnosed with UC just over a year ago).

    1. Yay! Thanks so much!! And yes, I follow you too!! Two cats is acceptable….but you really should work on making your herd a bit bigger! 🙂
      I’m sorry to hear about your daughter’s diagnosis. I was 19 (barely) when diagnosed with UC. Please let her know if she has questions, etc to write to me, I’d be happy to help. I felt so alone when diagnosed – we didn’t have this wonderful medium of the web to interact. There are also wonderful resources at the CCFA ( even online support groups and one-on-one pairing supports.

      Looking forward to this month of blogs, can’t wait to see what you write!!

      1. Thanks SO much for those kind offers Katie, I have passed on your words to my daughter.

        We’re in Australia so she’s joined the association here and you’re right, they’ve been so helpful to both of us. She was 21 when diagnosed after a shocker of a year…and of course some not great months after it til the right meds kicked in.

        Looking forward to inching towards hero too 🙂 x

      2. Oh duh, sorry I forgot you were in Australia…I’ll blame it on writing that at 6am with only 1/2 cup of coffee consumed! I had a hellacious year before my diagnosis…they haven’t proven the stress factor, but it had to be a part of it

      3. I was, I’m not on any meds other than vitamins and supplements. Remicade is a wonder drug

  4. Katie–I had no idea you were up to 11 cats! Wow. Love the blog, and very excited for you moving forward with your book. My *lucky* number is 13. Not even sure why. ~Lisa

    1. LOL Lisa, I consider us down to 11 cats – not up to!! I’m glad you are reading the blog of your own free will, and not just “guilt by association” because you are family!! LOL

      I’m thinking I might have to do some research into Numerology, I’ve read bits and pieces, particularly related to Angels. Maybe this is the knock on the head to really finally dig in to it!

      Thanks for your support!!! xoxox

    1. OH thank you so much Barbara!! I wish you much health and happiness and lots of magic for you too!!!
      Throwing some glitter your way now!!

  5. Katie, I love your blog; I shall think of you the next time someone at work says that dealing with physicians can be like hearing cats!

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