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Alnwick Castle (AKA Hogwarts)

Alnwick Castle (AKA Hogwarts)

For you Harry Potter fans, here is what “Hogwarts” really looks like! Being a major tourist destination, it’s pretty much impossible to get a photo of Alnwick Castle without people in the foreground (BTW, I learned from Tom, our awesome host at the Greycroft B&B that the town is pronounced “Annick….kinda like Panic”.

While we were there, Harry Potter characters were doing a skit, as well as other actors giving broomstick riding lessons. It’s a really fun place to visit. It is still a lived-in castle after 700+ years by the Percy family, Duke of Northumberland (if you are English and are cringing right now because I labeled this incorrectly, please do let me know!!) Visiting the interior (no pictures allowed – darn!!), the rooms are scattered with ancient portraits which have current family framed photos on tables just below. It is quite the contrast in the past and present.

Here in the interior grounds areas, you can almost see Quiddich practice taking place! Alnwick Interior


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12 thoughts on “Alnwick Castle (AKA Hogwarts)

  1. Hi Katie, I’m originally from the North East of England & visited the castle last summer while on vacation with my family – my two boys are big Harry Potter fans! Also, a very good friend of mine owns the cafe ‘The Olive Branch’ which is on Alnwick high street, I mention his place in my first novel… Alnwick is so beautiful I too couldn’t resist giving it a mention.

  2. Hi, I really enjoyed reading your post! I went there quite a few years ago and it brought back lovely memories for me. Thank you 🙂

  3. Cannot believe that it’s been only a week since you posted this pic – so much has happened that it feels like a lifetime ago! My son grew up w the Harry Potter world… It holds such nostalgia for me!! Thanks again!! 🙂

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