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Memories on my sister’s birthday

For some reason, the decade and half decade seem to be milestones that we celebrate in our lives. Why is 55 more profound than 52 for example? For today though, I am thinking about 55 because if my sister Judy were still alive, we would be celebrating that milestone birthday with her.  Instead, it is a day of remembering.

My sister and I had a lot in common, although I don’t believe I really appreciated or realized that fact until recently. She gave me my first set of Rune stones. She believed in fairies, and of the power in nature. We colored Tarot cards together when she was going through chemo. She loved to write and tell stories, in fact she dreamed of writing a book. I hope to accomplish that goal for both of us. I feel her with me a lot when I meditate and write. You don’t have to believe in life after death…but we do.  We shared an understanding and wonder of the energy of life. I only wish we could still talk about these things.

Just after a particularly difficult recuperation from surgery  in 1998, she gave me a card. This was no ordinary card, it was a gorgeous Hallmark Becky Kelly card that she embellished…it was a card that represented something special in her life. On the inside she wrote me a message. In her words:

The picture on the front is as close to a representation as I have ever found that looks like my centering place since I was small. It is where my Fairie, Jasper was born, where I never fail and where I dream for all and only good things for those I love. It is my place for Prayer. Keep the card in case I am ever famous. What I have written on the front is the first sentence of my 1st story book.

For a good chunk of my life, I really didn’t get my sister. I didn’t understand her, not that it was my job to do so. My job was to love her, and I don’t think I did that enough. I was too wrapped up in my own life, my own pain. In spite of that, she was always there in little ways for me, like this card I’m looking at as I write this blog.

The best gift I can think to give her is to publish my book, incorporating her words that she hoped to share with the world. She is with me now more than ever, it is as though our relationship has deepened demonstrating how life does indeed continue after death of the physical body.

To conclude my remembrance today, I share her words with you.

“For Quiet, Safety, Song and Prayer……….

Hopes and Dreams Rarely Shared………

Wishes and Magic come to pass……….

Through silver songs in Colored Grass…….”



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