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Zero to Hero Day 12 – expanding on the comment

My homework: “Today’s assignment: write a post that builds on one of the comments you left yesterday.”

The beginning of this month we’ve worked on changing the look of our blog, how to use the many features available, and to get out in the blogosphere and make new friends (basically). I’ve learned a ton already and I’ve connected with some wicked cool people  [there’s some of my 1980s east coast accent coming out 🙂 ]

Anyhoo, I visited another new blogger yesterday and decided to follow his adventures, the blog is AndysArticles. What caught my attention was the title of his post, “Learning the Lesson of the Devils Highway”.

Living in northeast Wyoming, previously just four miles away from Devils Tower, his title caught my attention.  Obviously Devils Tower and the Devils Highway have nothing in common other than the first part of their names…but hey, it got me to read his post! I’m really glad I did and I’m looking forward to reading more!

When I left a comment, I actually forgot that was my homework for the day! I just really enjoyed his post and wanted to let him know. I know I appreciate hearing from another blogger after I put something out in the world. So I told him how I enjoyed the story he told of this walk he took, chronicling the journey with terrific photos.  I felt squeemish when he had to walk through wet marshy areas, and slightly worried when he had to ask a manager to unlock a door to let him out of a gated golf course since he arrived via the woods.

It was a great story, perhaps what I really liked was my ability to be there with him through it. I appreciated that even though the highway seemed to have all but disappeared, he kept going forward. Pressing onward to the end, it’s a great life theme. I would guess that Andy didn’t realize I got all of this out his post, but I did. I hope you’ll check him out too!

Devils Tower, Wyoming  (photo by me)

Devils Highway, England   (photo from Wikipedia)



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6 thoughts on “Zero to Hero Day 12 – expanding on the comment

  1. Hey Katie
    Thanks for the link and the comments It is really helpful to hear that my post had an impact… Devils Tower has a place in my heart from the film Close Encounters (where it stars as the site of the first “organised” encounter between humans and other beings) I saw this film when I was … much younger… and it had a massive impact on me, opened my mind to possibility and the more I think of it, it was the possibility of adventure, that your life can be touched and you can head off in a completely unexpected adventure … I think that was when I started to get the itchy feet, which still lead me today… I thought this was nice and cyclical as, without seeing the adventure and mystery in that film, in part given earthly shape through the use of the otherworldly Devils Tower (which I was sure could not be a “real” place) I don’t think I would have walked the Devils Highway on Saturday 🙂

    1. Hey Andy!
      You are welcome, I hope people come visit your blog! Yes, I saw the movie as a kid as well….when I ended up moving there it was just amazing. It is one of those place that amazes you every time you visit! I do hope you if you ever take the adventure over here that you will let me know! I’d love to be your tour guide!!

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