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The beauty in Smudging

SmudgingThis morning while smudging my writing room, I suddenly saw the smoke in a new way. I grabbed my camera and captured the swirls of smoke. The backdrop of my inspirational notes and cards on the wall, offset by the swirling smoke rising from the abalone is mesmerizing.

After taking a brief hiatus from writing, I’m ready to dive back in. I really wanted to “clear the air,” never thinking twice about what it looks like…until this morning.

I hope you enjoy it!


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Zero to Hero: Look Up, Look Down Challenge, Week 23

Today’s Zero to Hero asks us to participate in a blogging event. This is not new for me as I’ve discovered the joy of the various weekly photo challenges that I’ve participated in. I’ve met some great bloggers and fantastic photographers this way. I’ve thought about submitting for this particular challenge and never had. I could never really find a photo that really did it for me. I decided to revisit my photos to see if I could put something together. I decided to use one of my pictures of Devils Tower National Monument. Not the usual view from visiting the tower up close and personal, rather the one from twenty miles away, and a few miles up. In fact, the elevation I was at when taking this picture was just over 6,900′. So having the opportunity to look down at the tower is in fact, pretty cool if I may say so myself! Visit Debbie’s blog for other great interpretations this week:

Look down

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Zero to Hero Day 21

On day 19, our project was to post in a new way, utilizing a different mode than we usually post. I chose to post a video, primarily because I hadn’t done that yet. Honestly, I didn’t put a lot of thought in to it, I just returned from being away from home and needed a quick fix, so to say. This particular video was just released to the public as a way to promote the centennial celebration of the ARRL – the national association of Amateur Radio.

I should have known there would be more to day 19, I likely would have posted with a little more thought! So what is today all about? Expanding on Day 19! Talk about the proverbial whomp upside the head. My initial thoughts when I read the assignment earlier today were pretty scant. I thought…how the hell am I supposed to expand on my mostly thoughtless post (not thoughtless in the mean way…thoughtless in the lack of energy spent on it way). 🙂

Throughout the day my brain mulled this over as I prepared for my Conversations with God discussion group, our topic being that of listening to the messages we receive from the Universe/God/Source. Yes, quite the combination of topics in my head at one time – ham radio and God. However, my discussion group topics helped me to dig a little deeper and really think about the importance of ham radio. I could give you a sales pitch on why it’s a great hobby and why you should be a member of the ARRL if you are a ham…but that’s not my job anymore. I’m on the volunteer side of things now, I’m diving in to why it is important to me. This video is educational and entertaining. It is also full of my friends.

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