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Musing on the Apple Tree’s Last Seasons

Our apple tree didn’t look great when we moved in nearly three years ago, but I didn’t expect it to slowly die off…branch by branch, limb by limb. Last year we cut off half the tree thinking that might help with the needed energy for the remainder of the tree.

What’s happened is that another half has died (technically a quarter), which wasn’t quite as obvious over our long winter as it is now with the spring blooms. I introduce you to our yin yang tree:

yin yang tree

I wish I’d taken this photo a couple days ago when the contrast was even more evident. The blooms on the living half are full and strong and our bees are working them. It’s looking like our 1/4 tree might bear some fruit in its final hours.

Living in Wyoming, trees aren’t exactly plentiful like i’m used to on the east coast where I grew up. Any time a tree has to come down is sad, but in this case it seems kinder to take it down this fall than to let it continue its slow demise.

We bought a new apple tree and planted it just in front of this one – if you look closely you can see it’s leggy trunk. Hopefully this new tree, christened with our bees, will grow strong and be here for many years to come.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to care for the remainder of this apple tree as it sees its final seasons while caring for the growth of the new tree nearby. A very visible balance of life and death in our back yard.