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Photo 101 Day 6: Big – Point of View

No shortage of choices here in Wyoming for today’s “Big – Point of View” assignment. I decided on pictures related to wildland fires that I’ve taken as I attended a meeting with other public information officers (PIO) from WY, SD and NE today. I’m resuming my duties as PIO for my County with the expectation of a busy fire season due to our below average precipitation. We had an extreme year of fires in 2012, these photos represent two fires that were all happening at the same time within our county and in the next county south of us. They all were happening over the July 4th holiday – no holiday for hundreds of volunteers that year.

This first shot was taken July 3rd from my yard – the plume was from a fire about 15 miles away as the crow flies. The second shot was taken from the fire lookout tower located at the top of the mountain at about 6500′ elevation. From there you can see the full length of the fire.

Fire seen from my front yard, 20 miles away
Fire seen from my front yard, 20 miles away
Ghost Fire - entire area
Ghost Fire – entire area

The next day, I went with a fireman in to the contained areas to distribute lunches. From our spot we stopped at, I snapped this shot of the small bits of smoke as the fire in that area was dying…

Inside contained area of the Ghost Fire
Inside contained area of the Ghost Fire

If you look closely in the bottom left corner in the photo above, you see a fireman  – you can see him below as he returns to the fire after retrieving a new axe. This is why fireman are my heroes.

Returning to the fire
Returning to the fire

As our County volunteer fireman worked on this fire, we also had a large fire south of us in Weston County. The morning of July 4th I drove to Newcastle WY to attend a meeting to get the story on what was happening because rumors were spreading that the fire was about to cross the county line in to our county. The plume below was from that fire.

Cumulus cloud from fire
Cumulus cloud from fire


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