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Photo101 – Moments and Motion

Since both bees and cats are plentiful in my yard and it warmed up enough for the girls to come out of the hives, I hung out with the camera snapping away. After cropping it down to focus on these three girls, I decided this shot was my favorite because I love how the sun shows off the wings and how you can see the legs on the middle bee.

Bees in Motion
Bees in Motion

On to the four-leggeds….being the cat lady also came in handy for today’s assignment. I was trying to get a shot as Blanca was walking and turning acting all cute and THEN…..she’d jumped to the top of the chair as if to jump ON me….fortunately I captured this shot before she and the chair tumbled in to me! 🙂

Blanca mid air
Blanca mid air

And finally, I took this picture one day recently this winter, actually catching the Jay as he left the feeder. I totally claim this as a lucky shot!

Blue Jay leaving the feeder
Blue Jay leaving the feeder


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