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Looking in to some Glass

Today’s Photo101 assignment – Glass. I played around with a few different things, so I’ve got a couple photos for consideration with glass, plus my Day 2 for the Black & White Challenge.

First – the glass bowl the bees were acquiring honey from (and some unfortunately binged and got stuck and died in the honey).  I also tried to apply the Rule of Thirds here…

Bees eating honey from glass bowl
Bees eating honey from glass bowl

Next I tried different lighting options when taking a picture of the glass door on my “heirloom” Seth Thomas clock. I think my parents got it for an anniversary present a million years ago. Always loving it, somehow I managed to acquire it at some point and I have it in my house now…however I’m not good at keeping it wound and on time! Because it is on the top of my bookcase, when I snapped the shot it picked up the windows on the other side of the room which I thought a bit cool.

Glass door on the old Seth Thomas clock
Glass door on the old Seth Thomas clock

And finally, for Day 2 of the Black & White Challenge issued by my blogger pal Syracuse Mark Bialczak, I submit the clock in black & white….I think it actually makes for a creepy-cool picture – any thoughts? Maybe I should have done this for our exercise in Mystery!

B & W Glass

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B & W Challenge

My new friend Mark here in the blogoverse nominated me to participate in a 5 day Black and White Challenge. I’ve played around with black & white before, but since my goal this month with Photo101 has been to take new photos and not rely on my stash….I’m using this photo from our day when we worked on Scale with my windchimes.  Here they are gently flowing in the breeze.


Transposing the photo to black and white seems to keep them rather striking (yes, pun intended).


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Treasure & Close-Up

My treasure - my dad's Masonic ring and his braille watch
My treasure – my dad’s Masonic ring and his braille watch

Today’s assignment is a close-up of something you treasure.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve had the thought “If I have to abandon my house really fast, what would I take?” Besides getting my cats to safety I would grab these items that belonged to my dad. He’s been gone a long time, but when I hold his watch or ring, I can remember him vividly. Some things are worth holding as treasures.