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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Cars


The view from the back seat during our trip to Scotland. Our friend Chip was in the front seat while my husband Dwayne drove (I hid in the back seat the entire trip). Initially you’d probably think the photo is about the old bridge. For me, it was capturing Chip in the passenger mirror as he took a photo.  This is my interpretation for this weeks challenge – I hope you like it!

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Until I moved out here to the wild west, the big sky country…I never saw clouds like the ones here in the west. I would guess it’s simply due to the fact that there is more open space. I decided on a mix of clouds from an impending summer storm, to angel-like clouds, to a storm brewing over Devils Tower, to Mammatus clouds in the neighborhood. Summer in Wyoming leaves no shortage of cloud picture opportunities – I can’t wait to see what this coming summer has in store!

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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Afloat.” I took this photo while on vacation with my mom and her siblings last summer as we trekked through upstate New York to where they were all born and raised. He swam around the Clifton Springs swan pond with plenty of ducks to keep him company whilst his partner sat on their nest. I’m pretty sure he swam the pond so plenty of photos could be taken, he was very lovely (and I’m really hoping he is a he and not a she – if anyone knows more about swans and can correct me, please do so!!). SWAN