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Spring is finally arriving!

Last July we were hit with a really bad hailstorm that wiped out our fruit trees and plants. Winter was quite dry and then in May we got nailed with lots of rain (good!) and snow (annoying!).

One surprise in my yard this year is a small bed of iris that has never bloomed in the four years we’ve lived here (I think it’s four, I’ve lost track!). So, here is one of the beauties.

I also have a small bed of poppies and they are starting to bloom.

Finally, my gigantic lilac bush in the corner of my house gets beat up every year. I thought for sure that last foot of snow we got a couple weeks ago would do her in…but no, she is holding strong and was full of bees and butterflies!

Yesterday and overnight we got some really nasty thunderstorms including hail, everything looks to have survived. Now it’s time to watch and see what else blossoms!

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This week’s Daily Post weekly photo challenge is the topic of Intricate and how do we each interpret it. Yesterday morning as I walked out to the beehives to fill up the jars of sugar water, the sun was rising and at the perfect angle on the dandelions that are now in their puffy stage. I ran back in the house to grab my camera and ran back outside to find the perfect specimen for this topic. I had lots of help from the cats, particularly as I lay prone on the grass to catch this shot. I think having a cat on my back was good luck for this….what do you think?
IntricateI  really love seeing the detail of each seed pod, as well as the texture of the stem. This also has got me saving up so I can buy a macro lens as I’m finding this type of photography to be challenging, fun and rewarding. The details of nature are amazing when we stop and really look!

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Happy Birthday Dad

May 1st – the day my father was born many eons ago….at least that’s what I would rib him about were he here to celebrate it. I’m pretty sure that if my dad were still alive, we’d be celebrating his 82nd birthday with a day riddled with old-people jokes, laughter and something yummy to eat.

I’m not really sad, but it’s days like this that I do indeed miss him more. My dad was pretty awesome….yeah, I know…daughters tend to have inflated opinions of their dads, but I believe mine was justified.  He really was awesome and had an amazing strength.

In the short 18 years I had him, he taught me many life lessons….most of which didn’t hit home until later (of course). Most of all, he taught me about looking at life with the glass full no matter what is happening.

Dad had diabetes and lived with many side effects (normally you’d say suffered from here – but we never witnessed that). He went blind a few months before I was born, but that never stopped him from working, having hobbies, and helping around the house. When he had to have part of his leg amputated, we started calling him Peggy. He would come home from his job at the factory and ask “is your mother nearby?” When I responded that she wasn’t, he’d reply “Good! I got this great joke at work today” and launch some dirty joke.

At 82, chances are, he wouldn’t be in great health which may be why he didn’t live past 55. I’d like to imagine that if he were here…he would still be cracking jokes, listening to music, talking on the CB radio, and asking my mom every morning if he was in the obituary yet….only his head would be full of white hair!

Happy Birthday Dad – I miss you and I love you.

❤ Katydid