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Busy Bees!

It’s a good thing we live out in the country and no one cares what the lawn looks like because at this time of the year, it goes un-mowed and is full of dandelions.
IMG_0477Our girls need access to all the pollen they can get – here’s a close-up reason why the lawn stays full of dandelions….


Hello and thank you for visiting my blog! I am a mixed bag all jumbled up with glitter writing a book, playing on ham radio (I'm WY7YL), being a Parrothead, making jewelry, running, reading, or running around with my camera taking pics of nature and my cats. This blog is a smattering of all of it!

2 thoughts on “Busy Bees!

  1. We used to have a huge hive within the black walnut tree adjacent to our house. It was there for about ten years. Inexplicably, we lost the hive about two summers ago. The previous summer before that, it yielded up three swarms, of which two were captured and successfully placed in boxes. Bee keeping looks fascinating but I have not yet had time to try it.

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