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This week’s Daily Post weekly photo challenge is the topic of Intricate and how do we each interpret it. Yesterday morning as I walked out to the beehives to fill up the jars of sugar water, the sun was rising and at the perfect angle on the dandelions that are now in their puffy stage. I ran back in the house to grab my camera and ran back outside to find the perfect specimen for this topic. I had lots of help from the cats, particularly as I lay prone on the grass to catch this shot. I think having a cat on my back was good luck for this….what do you think?
IntricateI  really love seeing the detail of each seed pod, as well as the texture of the stem. This also has got me saving up so I can buy a macro lens as I’m finding this type of photography to be challenging, fun and rewarding. The details of nature are amazing when we stop and really look!

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Hello and thank you for visiting my blog! I am a mixed bag all jumbled up with glitter writing a book, playing on ham radio (I'm WY7YL), being a Parrothead, making jewelry, running, reading, or running around with my camera taking pics of nature and my cats. This blog is a smattering of all of it!

14 thoughts on “Intricate

    1. Thanks Ben! Dandelions are considered a nuisance to so many, but I think they are lovely. As I pointed out in my previous post, they also help feed my bees in the early spring, so I’m happy to have a yard full of them!

      1. That’s very eloquently stated! I didn’t think of it that way, but you nailed it!

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