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The Robin’s Two-Fer

I watched a Robin this morning as he worked the damp grass. We had a nice soaking rain yesterday and it seemed the bugs and worms were still hanging out close to the surface. I didn’t realize it until I looked at my photos, but this robin not only caught the worm…but had a grasshopper in his beak while doing so! Hence, the robin’s two-fer!


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Seeing Double?

Twins? No - mother and daughter
Twins? No – mother and daughter

Today’s exercise in seeing double brought me immediately to this photo I took a couple years ago of my mother daughter look-a-like kitties. But since my goal through this month of exercises was to try new things, I captured this shot of these Evening Grossbeaks under the bird feeder. Apparently each male has two females … seems to be a little bird harem going on in my back yard!

Evening Grossbeaks
Evening Grossbeaks