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Spring is finally arriving!

Last July we were hit with a really bad hailstorm that wiped out our fruit trees and plants. Winter was quite dry and then in May we got nailed with lots of rain (good!) and snow (annoying!).

One surprise in my yard this year is a small bed of iris that has never bloomed in the four years we’ve lived here (I think it’s four, I’ve lost track!). So, here is one of the beauties.

I also have a small bed of poppies and they are starting to bloom.

Finally, my gigantic lilac bush in the corner of my house gets beat up every year. I thought for sure that last foot of snow we got a couple weeks ago would do her in…but no, she is holding strong and was full of bees and butterflies!

Yesterday and overnight we got some really nasty thunderstorms including hail, everything looks to have survived. Now it’s time to watch and see what else blossoms!

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Close Up

I have this old gnarled branch in my front garden, this close-up is a piece of the middle:
cee - closeupAnd my Christmas Cactus plants are blooming again. This pink one is by my sliding glass door on the south side of the house – as you can see she is catching the afternoon sun here, as well as a stray cat hair (shocking, I know!)
Cee - Closeup2Next to my Hoya is this white cactus – I actually got on the floor and took the picture up in to the flower:
Cee - Closeup3To enjoy more from this challenge, please visit Cee’s page:

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A Pop of Color

My Christmas Cactus is blooming again….it sits on a stool next to a black wrought iron clock. Following the lead of fellow blogger Steve – I got on the floor until I could capture just the right shot – the pink is interesting with both black and white in the background.

The fun part –  when I finally cropped the image to where I liked it, I noticed a random cat hair stuck to the stamen…..go figure!

Cactus bloom in March
Cactus bloom in March