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Photo101 – Landscape

Today’s subject of landscape is right up my alley! Living with a 700 acre ranch surrounding me, I’m really lucky that IĀ have these beautiful vistas to enjoy every day.

This first shots is one of my favorite views, it’s beautiful throughout the year, the winter particularly. In spite of the snow melt and the warming temps, our resident bald eagle is still hanging out in it’s tree (I put a closer shot of the eagle at the bottom of the post for you!)


When I head down the mountain for a run, I love seeing how this particular area looks different in the seasons as well.


Just for fun – here’s the Bald Eagle:

closeup eagle

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Photo101 – Scale

Today’s exercise was fun, I experimented with a few items in the house, never satisfied that they really met the goal of the assignment….then I went outside. Well DUH, I should have started outside since most of my inspiration is out there.

I started here:
ScaleAny ideas what it could be?

How about now?
Scale2Figured it out now?

Here’s what they really look like!
scale3The blue rope hanging is for the cats to play with – they like to helpĀ the chimes make noise when there is no wind.