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Zero to Hero: My reputation…as a ham

Do you have a reputation? What is it, and where did it come from? Is it accurate? What do you think about it?

Okay….this is my question to answer, actually from yesterday. I’ve discovered the challenge of keeping up with a daily blog while traveling – if you don’t actually schedule and plan time for it, it doesn’t happen. So here I am a day late and a dollar short as the saying goes. However, I think I gained by waiting because I found my answer.

This is actually a really interesting question to consider. To actually get to a place in your life where you have a reputation, means you have created a least a ripple or two in the waves. The question of having a reputation then becomes more of knowing of it. It actually turns out to be rather timely that I was untimely in my writing of this post, because I think I discovered the answer to this question throughout my meanderings of this weekend back in the ‘hood.

My husband’s volunteer life brings him to Connecticut twice a year to my hometown of Windsor, where the annual gathering of the leaders in the Amateur Radio community gather to decide on policy and other important topics. It’s really quite an honor to rub shoulders with these folks that used to employ me…now I’m a spouse and it’s a whole new world.

What I discovered this weekend about my reputation, I don’t actually consider a reputation per se. I’d like to consider it more of a character/personality trait. Ok, here it is… ready? Continue reading “Zero to Hero: My reputation…as a ham”

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Zero to Hero Day 12 – expanding on the comment

My homework: “Today’s assignment: write a post that builds on one of the comments you left yesterday.”

The beginning of this month we’ve worked on changing the look of our blog, how to use the many features available, and to get out in the blogosphere and make new friends (basically). I’ve learned a ton already and I’ve connected with some wicked cool people  [there’s some of my 1980s east coast accent coming out 🙂 ]

Anyhoo, I visited another new blogger yesterday and decided to follow his adventures, the blog is AndysArticles. What caught my attention was the title of his post, “Learning the Lesson of the Devils Highway”.

Living in northeast Wyoming, previously just four miles away from Devils Tower, his title caught my attention.  Obviously Devils Tower and the Devils Highway have nothing in common other than the first part of their names…but hey, it got me to read his post! I’m really glad I did and I’m looking forward to reading more!

When I left a comment, I actually forgot that was my homework for the day! I just really enjoyed his post and wanted to let him know. I know I appreciate hearing from another blogger after I put something out in the world. So I told him how I enjoyed the story he told of this walk he took, chronicling the journey with terrific photos.  I felt squeemish when he had to walk through wet marshy areas, and slightly worried when he had to ask a manager to unlock a door to let him out of a gated golf course since he arrived via the woods.

It was a great story, perhaps what I really liked was my ability to be there with him through it. I appreciated that even though the highway seemed to have all but disappeared, he kept going forward. Pressing onward to the end, it’s a great life theme. I would guess that Andy didn’t realize I got all of this out his post, but I did. I hope you’ll check him out too!

Devils Tower, Wyoming  (photo by me)

Devils Highway, England   (photo from Wikipedia)


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Zero to Hero Day 6 – Trying New Stuff

I discovered this new thing on Google+ so I’m attempting to incorporate it for today’s task. I’m still VERY new to Google+ so I needed a bit of time to figure out the technical stuff. Basically, I snapped a few photos of Pooh Kitty one day and Google+  turned them in to this…..
<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script&gt;
<div data-href=””></div&gt;

Yeah…exactly….a bunch of gobbledegook….sigh

Any techies out there wanna help a girl out? 🙂

So instead, I went back to my original idea of trying out the Poll feature. Hopefully a little easier…Here goes just something silly to give this feature a try. Perhaps it is something I’ll use in the future as my writing progresses and I’m needing feedback. But for now, I’m just having fun.

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Zero to Hero Day 5

Zero to Hero Day 5.2 – here’s my third idea for a theme. I went a little more simple, changed my photo from the Fairy Pools in Scotland, to the eagle from my neighborhood. I’ll see how the cleaner postings feel versus my first attempt with my inner hippy, then the second with the colorful Koi theme….

Today’s homework is to play around with what our blog looks like. We are to try out three different themes, even if we are in love with the one we have ( I love that instruction!). I’ve actually been thinking quite a bit about changing the look, so today is the day! I hope you’ll check back a couple times today to see what i’m playing around with for ideas and leave me some feedback.

The theme I’m starting out with reflects my inner hippy that I only discovered a few years ago! I love the colors, but i’m not sure if all the widgets and sidebars work for what I want to share.

Time will tell…as will you hopefully!!