My Photography

I love taking pictures of nature, trying to capture what I’m seeing at that moment. It’s my visual storytelling that hopefully brings you there, even for just a moment!  These are just a few samples, many more are posted throughout the blog.  Honestly, I’m pretty useless when it comes to taking photos of people. Nature is where I love to be and what I love to capture.


A view through the street side wildflowers to Loch Ness
A view through the street-side wildflowers to Loch Ness




These two photos above are from Bryce Canyon, Utah. No shortage of amazing views. 

When visiting Scotland we were unable to catch a tour at the Talisker Distillery. Instead we wandered the beach collecting shells. This remnant looked just like an angel wing…I left it where it was and only took the picture with me. 

Edinburgh CastleEdinburgh Castle…massive just doesn’t convey the size of it. This is a view from the city looking up. In fact, I think I was just outside the Starbucks when I took this!   This sunset shot was taken when we lived near Devils Tower…no power lines to worry about in photos. This was also taken with my “starter” camera. Nothing fancy, just point and shoot. Mother Nature did such a fine job for me, it didn’t matter what kind of camera I used for sunsets like these!

1029 sunset

14 thoughts on “My Photography

  1. I already was enjoying your FB pictures of antennas with the beatiful WY nature. But this is the “next level” of beauty of nature.
    Thanks Katie.
    73 @lex PA1AW

  2. You do get around. Those two pics look more like Capitol Reef National Park than Bryce Canyon National Park, the latter of which is known for their humongous amount of hoodoos. Capitol Reef is not far north from Bryce Canyon. But you should know, you were there when you took the photos. I’m just going by a somewhat faulty memory. 🙂
    Nice photos, in any event. They get some real thunderbusters in that area of the country. I love the Four Corners area. I’d like to return some day. You brought back some memories. Thanks.

    1. Lol, we did travel quite a bit last year. My husband and I are ham radio operators and he sits on the board of directors for the national association for amateur radio, so we get around this part of the country rather regularly. Utah hosted our convention in Bryce, it’s a special place because the previous time we were there together we got engaged that weekend. Next time we go there, we will have to check out the other park! Those hoodoos are something else!

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!!!

      1. So, where exactly in Bryce were those pictures taken? When I was there, I didn’t see anything that looked like that. There must be more to the park than I imagined. Thank you. Cool about the ham business. I’ve always wanted to do that but have a hard time remembering all the electronic bits.

      2. I’m thinking that was Inspiration Point….somewhere in the national park. I remember climbing up a decent incline to a few places.

        We have a lot if fun with ham radio, it is how we met actually!! And I’m not so good with the electronic stuff, took me about six month’s of study to earn license.

    1. Mother Nature gives it’s a lot to work with out in this part of the country!! Thanks for visiting!!

  3. i used to live in brian head for many years ..jest love bryce and cedar breaks …awesome places huh! did ya hike down through bryce is an awesome adventure 🙂 . Q

    1. They are amazing places! I was there in 2008 with a bad ankle so I didn’t get to hike. When I took this pic, we were short on time. One of these days I’ll spend more time there!

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