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Poppies and the girls

Only one of three hives survived from last summer. The girls are enjoying the poppies this year in my mom’s yard. Love to see their legs filled with pollen!IMG_1890

I happened to catch one of the girls coming in for a landing. Since it was morning and the sun was quite bright, I discovered that I also caught her shadow!

poppybeeIt’s been too long since I’ve blogged and I’ve missed it. I’ll work my way back in slowly with photography – one of my passions.



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Buzzard Surfing the Wind

We’ve had some really strong winds today, which has been nice to move some smoke out of the region. Sitting on my back deck loving on the cats, I watched five buzzards just surfing the wind streams. By the time I ran inside for my camera and got back out to the deck, there was just one still floating around. This shot was my favorite.

This shot was my second favorite as the bird flew along the clouds. Rather than worry about lighting, I just kept snapping photos. I like how this shot turned in to a bit of a Batman signal!

buzzard cloud

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Purple

There’s no shortage of purple in my life since it’s my favorite color! I took some pics of purple things around here at home that make me happy. Hope you find it as fun as I do!

My amethysts:purpleMy purple pens
purple2My purple pedometer
purple4My purple boa from last year’s Jimmy Buffett pool party in Las Vegas (Fins up Parrotheads!)
purple3Even my toenails are purple (yes, I really should do a better job on them)
purple1For other fun interpretations on this challenge, click here: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge