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Heckle or Jeckle?

Growing up in suburban Connecticut, my only experience of Magpies were the cartoon Heckle & Jeckle. Since moving out here to Wyoming, I experienced the joy of seeing them in person whenever I drove down the mountain as they seemed to live in a low creek bed. Generally they’d swoop up and over the road as you approached their territory. That was all I saw of them until this summer.

Working from home I have the advantage of enjoying a myriad of wildlife and birds throughout the day. Recently I noticed a bird call that was unfamiliar and upon investigation I discovered several magpies out in the ranch! I’ve been snapping photos when I can, some times with one bird, others with a few. They are really pretty whether perched on a branch or flying!

These magpies found a spot to hang out in my dead apple tree in the back yard….the birds really like it which is why it is still there!Magpies

Then I heard a magpie in the front yard, so I ran out with my camera and finally spotted it in the crab apple tree:Single Magpie
It’s been fun watching, listening and photographing them!


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The Robin’s Two-Fer

I watched a Robin this morning as he worked the damp grass. We had a nice soaking rain yesterday and it seemed the bugs and worms were still hanging out close to the surface. I didn’t realize it until I looked at my photos, but this robin not only caught the worm…but had a grasshopper in his beak while doing so! Hence, the robin’s two-fer!


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Buzzard Surfing the Wind

We’ve had some really strong winds today, which has been nice to move some smoke out of the region. Sitting on my back deck loving on the cats, I watched five buzzards just surfing the wind streams. By the time I ran inside for my camera and got back out to the deck, there was just one still floating around. This shot was my favorite.

This shot was my second favorite as the bird flew along the clouds. Rather than worry about lighting, I just kept snapping photos. I like how this shot turned in to a bit of a Batman signal!

buzzard cloud