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The beauty in Smudging

SmudgingThis morning while smudging my writing room, I suddenly saw the smoke in a new way. I grabbed my camera and captured the swirls of smoke. The backdrop of my inspirational notes and cards on the wall, offset by the swirling smoke rising from the abalone is mesmerizing.

After taking a brief hiatus from writing, I’m ready to dive back in. I really wanted to “clear the air,” never thinking twice about what it looks like…until this morning.

I hope you enjoy it!


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I Am Breathing…thanks for the reminder

As usual, what I lovingly refer to as my “Spiritual ADD” was in full effect this morning as I picked up another book to look through, looking for inspiration as I write my own book. (I have at least six books in front of me at the moment).  Picking up one of my go-to books when I’m lost, Mindfulness for Beginners by Jon Kabat-Zinn, I got to page 13 and just started giggling away.

The title of this chapter, “Who is Breathing” starts with…

Of course you are breathing.
But let’s face it. If it were really up to you to keep the breath going, you would have died long ago. You would have gotten distracted by this or that, sooner or later…and whoops, dead.

I love it….”whoops, dead.”  It was a great conk on the head this morning that my focus has been off lately. I’ve allowed too many distractions to affect me, finding one excuse after another. I’ve even forgotten to breathe intentionally. Just stop and breathe.

A focus in my life is helping others to feel better; be it spiritually, emotionally and/or physically. I teach that it all starts with the breath. It seems the teacher needed some refresher instruction. The answer arrived perfectly.

I love how divinely answers arrive, just when we need them. The key is being open to seeing and hearing them when they do arrive. So thank you Master Kabat-Zinn, your message got through to me today, and I Am Breathing.

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IBD Awareness Week – The Rubberband Ball from Hell 2.0

I originally created this blog post not too long after starting my blog adventure early in 2013.  During these past months in my work with my book writing coach Lisa Tener, Writer’s Digest, and the posts by the folks here on WordPress, I think I’ve learned more about writing and how to blog. This week’s story about re-purposing your older blogs as well as it being CCFA’s IBD Awareness Week was a great excuse to dig this old story up. I did indeed decide to make a few updates, incorporating some things my friend Doug Hardy taught me (thanks Doug!).

This story is about my adventure with a small bowel obstruction. This is just what I refer to as a “side-effect” of living with Crohn’s Disease. Sometimes you eat stuff that just gets stuck…plain and simple. Only the pain is excruciating, generally landing you in the emergency room, and  some times – surgery to fix it.  I was lucky…this time.  Continue reading “IBD Awareness Week – The Rubberband Ball from Hell 2.0”