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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Close Up

I have this old gnarled branch in my front garden, this close-up is a piece of the middle:
cee - closeupAnd my Christmas Cactus plants are blooming again. This pink one is by my sliding glass door on the south side of the house – as you can see she is catching the afternoon sun here, as well as a stray cat hair (shocking, I know!)
Cee - Closeup2Next to my Hoya is this white cactus – I actually got on the floor and took the picture up in to the flower:
Cee - Closeup3To enjoy more from this challenge, please visit Cee’s page:

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Honeybees in Action!

I put out some sugar water on my patio, the bees were already there looking for something to eat or drink. I decided to hone my skills learned earlier in the month with Photo101 and got flat on the patio and began snapping away. These are two shots I was particularly fond of for the details – both in the bees themselves as well as the patio and afternoon light glistening in the sugar water.

This first shot I call the Supervisor Bee – she looks like she is swooping in to chastise the two that appear to be fighting.

Stop fighting you two!
Stop fighting you two!

And this photo just for the close-up detail of the honeybee:
bee closeup

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For our last assignment with Photo101, our subject (and celebration) is the theme of Triumph. Personally, when I think of Triumph, I immediately think of finishing three half-marathons in the past two years. For some people, that’s a piece of cake, for others they say they’d only do it if being chased! For me, it started off to be nothing short of a miracle.

Why did I do it? I did it simply because for the first time in my adult life, I was healthy enough to actually DO it. My family remembers back when I struggled to walk again after a really bad health crisis. Walking again started with a walker – then a 4-pronged cane – then a regular cane. The years of pain, years of meds, years of inactivity – that was my life.

When I think Triumph, I think of the celebration and joy I felt each time I crossed the finish line. The best way I could think to represent that in a photo was to snap a shot from my “sacred” room where my medals are, as well as the photo when I crossed the finish line the first time.

It’s not the greatest photo in the world, but the meaning behind it is what is important to me. To me, that is my Triumph.

Medals of my half-marathons
Medals of my half-marathons
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Seeing Double?

Twins? No - mother and daughter
Twins? No – mother and daughter

Today’s exercise in seeing double brought me immediately to this photo I took a couple years ago of my mother daughter look-a-like kitties. But since my goal through this month of exercises was to try new things, I captured this shot of these Evening Grossbeaks under the bird feeder. Apparently each male has two females … seems to be a little bird harem going on in my back yard!

Evening Grossbeaks
Evening Grossbeaks