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Heckle or Jeckle?

Growing up in suburban Connecticut, my only experience of Magpies were the cartoon Heckle & Jeckle. Since moving out here to Wyoming, I experienced the joy of seeing them in person whenever I drove down the mountain as they seemed to live in a low creek bed. Generally they’d swoop up and over the road as you approached their territory. That was all I saw of them until this summer.

Working from home I have the advantage of enjoying a myriad of wildlife and birds throughout the day. Recently I noticed a bird call that was unfamiliar and upon investigation I discovered several magpies out in the ranch! I’ve been snapping photos when I can, some times with one bird, others with a few. They are really pretty whether perched on a branch or flying!

These magpies found a spot to hang out in my dead apple tree in the back yard….the birds really like it which is why it is still there!Magpies

Then I heard a magpie in the front yard, so I ran out with my camera and finally spotted it in the crab apple tree:Single Magpie
It’s been fun watching, listening and photographing them!