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Cows on the mooooooove

There is a large ranch behind our neighborhood. Every other year or so local ranchers will lease grazing rights and run the cattle back there. In the past it’s been only cows and calves – seemed like a nursery with lots of calves. This year is a mix including bulls. Spending my first 38 years or so in CT, I never saw cows on ranches…now I can watch them from my back porch. I never knew cows could run – this is what happens when what I refer to as the lead cow calls them to another area – they all go running! Turns out – they were only running to a couple houses over to stand outside the fence and bellow at the dogs until they started barking….thus begins a bark/moo fest. All I have to say is that I’m glad I’m already up and about at 5:30am when this happens!

cows running

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Until I moved out here to the wild west, the big sky country…I never saw clouds like the ones here in the west. I would guess it’s simply due to the fact that there is more open space. I decided on a mix of clouds from an impending summer storm, to angel-like clouds, to a storm brewing over Devils Tower, to Mammatus clouds in the neighborhood. Summer in Wyoming leaves no shortage of cloud picture opportunities – I can’t wait to see what this coming summer has in store!

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Having photo fun with branches

It’s a beautiful Spring day here in Northeast Wyoming. My mom and I went for a walk up the mountain a bit, we live just about a mile away from the entrance to the Black Hills National Forest. I will take this walk again with my camera, there are so many interesting features I wish to capture. I only had my phone, and this branch really caught my eye because I knew I could play with the photo once it was on my computer. This is what I ended up with….